Sorry for the current Spider-Gwen obsession….


my essay isn’t done but i sure am


My Dad is 6’4”
Fredric is 5 months old


My co-worker’s puppy fell asleep on her desk. Not much work got done that day


bread is so fucking good man I could prob eat an entire bakery in 25 minutes or less 

me on my way to fuck shit up


Biceps are always a good stress fixer 💪



Please help Jeff and I see her sick grandfather!




My girlfriend Jeff (glassass)’s grandfather is very ill and we (or at least her) would like to be able to go and see him sometime in August before his condition becomes worse. Unfortunately the cheapest round-trip airfare is around 300 dollars per ticket. We’ve been looking at all of our options…


my gf made a post about our current dilemma regarding my grandpa

and what’s goin on is that he has terminal cancer but has personally chosen to forgo chemo since it weakened him so much, he couldn’t enjoy what he has left of his life.

 This both terrified and saddened me thinking that August could be his last month with us (as told by his doctor) and I would like to go see him before he passes away and to introduce him to the love of my life.

I work part-time with a minimum wage retail job and I only have enough to pay for rent,food,and bills …although I do feel guilty doing so…I’m accepting donations on behalf of my gf and I at my paypal address: jeffluna08(at)gmail(dot)com to afford plane tickets (cheapest I’ve found is $300 per person to Texas departing from Denver)

I’m also accepting commissions and you can find that info here:[Link]

(you can click the images for prices)

And my storenvy will also be open to raise money with the 20% off still active: [Link]

Please help